Micro-Vu designs automated 3D dimension measuring machines. These machines use 3D software, image processing, precision machines and motion control, lasers, tactile probes and 3D sensors to measure mechanical dimensions on various parts to accuracies of a micron.


Starting price – $22,000

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Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software provides point-and-click simplicity, proprietary edge detection, advanced lighting control and calibration, multi-sensor integration, automated calibrations, and a clear display of measurement data and tolerances.

The systems include our InSpec Metrology Software, high and low image magnification, advanced LED lighting, and boasts a single USB connection to your workstation computer.

Product Description

NEW Micro-Vu VF7XY AccuracyMeasurement Capacity (mm)Measurement Range (mm)Stage Position Range (mm)Stage CapacitySoftwareMachine Dimesions (mm)
VF7 with LOW Image Maginication± 6 µm70.3 x 50.530493 kgInSpec Metrology Software290 x 453 x 883
VF7 with HIGH Image Maginication± 3 µm17.6 x 12.63493 kg

*Accuracy units are microns; length L units are millimeters.

Low and High Magnification Optical System
Large Measurement Area
*Measure Entire Part in One Snapshot
Large Measurement Range
*Minimizes Measurement Error
*Minimizes Focus Adjustments
Instant Zoom
*High Resolution Camera
Advanced Lighting System
*8 Channel Ringlight
*Axial Surface Light
*Profile Backlight
Automatic Part Identification
*Automatically Adjusts To Part’s Orientation
*Minimal Part Fixturing Required
Scratch Resistance Stage Glass
Single Snapshot Measurement

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