Hard Gaging

Klontech is proud to be a distributor for some of the world’s most respected gaging and metrology companies.
Whether you are in the market for the smallest styli or the largest height gage, Klontech will be able to fulfill your request.

Tesa Micro-Hite Manga 400 mm Height Gage

The industry standard!

TESA-Hite’s New Generation is here!

Produced in Switzerland by TESA, the Micro Hite combines great features, accuracy, and repeatability.  




Many types of calipers permit reading out a measurement on a ruled scale, a dial, or a digital display. Most digital calipers can have bluetooth or wireless recording capabilities!

*Please contact us for additional options and pricing



Can automate with wireless measurement recording! Digital, dial, and ruler scale options all available.

Ring Gages

Custom or standard ring gages available. Certifications and standards can be included!

Gage Pins

Sets or individual pins/pin gages. Certifications can be included.

Gage Blocks

Sets or individual blocks. Certifications can be included.


Surface Plate

Custom or standard! Stands commonly included with certificates of flatness.

Environmental Controls

Custom modular builds perfect for any space!



Vision or CMM fixturing

Can customize sets and plates, perfect for any part!

CMM Air Filters





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