Micro-Vu designs automated 3D dimension measuring machines. These machines use 3D software, image processing, precision machines and motion control, lasers, tactile probes and 3D sensors to measure mechanical dimensions on various parts to accuracies of a micron.


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The Sol Vision System implements new technologies to provide speed and accuracy on a reliable and affordable measuring machine. The Sol bridges the gap between manual and automated measurement systems.

A programmable 19.5x zoom (6.5x optical and 3x digital), non-linear compensation (optics and stage), advanced lighting, and part program compatibility make the Sol the most advanced machine in its class.

Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software drives the Sol in addition to manual, vision, and multisensor systems. InSpec’s point-and- click measuring and proprietary edge detection simplify demanding measurement applications.

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Micro-Vu Sol SystemsScale ResolutionXY AccuracyZ AccuracyMeasurement Capacity (mm)Stage CapacitySoftwareMachine Size (mm)
Sol 1611.0 µm2.8 + L/1502.8 + L/100160 x 160 x 16010 kgInSpec Metrology Software545 x 705 x 775
NEW! Sol 1651.0 µm161 x 160 x 1607.5 kgInSpec 4.0630 x 732 x 773
Sol 3111.0 µm4.5 + L/1502.8 + L/100315 x 315 x 16010 kgInSpec Metrology Software827 x 1043 x 824
Sol 3121.0 µm4.5 + L/1503.3 + L/750315 x 315 x 25010 kgInSpec Metrology Software827 x 1043 x 1019
NEW! Sol 3411.0 µm315 x 315 x 16011 kgInSpec 4.0939 x 1114 x 825
NEW! Sol 3421.0 µm315 x 315 x 25011 kgInSpec 4.0939 x 1114 x 1015

InSpec Metrology SoftwareAdvanced Illumination
Dynamic Sub-Pixel Image ProcessingLED Lighting - Surface, Profile and Axial
Point Edge Detection ToolsMulti-Ring, Multi-Sector Ringlights
Multiple Point Edge Detection ToolsLighting Angles from 25 to 90 Degrees
Video Overlays and CrosshairIntuitive Graphic Interface
On-Screen ScaleFull Control to Enhance Edges
Feature ConstructionsLong Life LEDs (approx 10,000 hrs)
Tool Property EditingInSpec Includes Lights Calibration
Lights, Zoom, and Zone Editing
Instant Tool Editing on Stored Images
Advanced Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Automated Export Settings
Automatic Report Construction
Feature Summary Display
Data Points Display (Whisker Charts)
Feature Status Log Display
Full Screen, Window, and Dual Monitor Display
Image Capture and Export to JPG or BMP
User Configuration and Password Protection

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